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Equip your leaders and employees with the insights, tools and strategies they need to recognise and address workplace mental health issues.

Do your managers and supervisors know how to respond to mental health issues? Do they understand their obligations around privacy and confidentiality? Do they know how to design and implement adjustments, supporting the employee and the needs of the business?

Course | Workplace Mental Health for Leaders.

Delivery: eLearning | Duration: Self-paced | Number of modules: 4

Access the skills and tools needed to recognise and address mental health issues and to build psychological safety.

This four-module eLearning course teaches you how to recognise common mental health issues, meet your obligations to your employees and balance the needs of your people with the needs of your business.

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Course | Building Buoyancy: Coping with stress and change

Delivery: eLearning | Duration: 6 weeks | Number of modules: 6

Learn strategies and techniques to manage stressful situations, stay calm under pressure, bounce back from adversity and find balance in life.

Rising stress and anxiety levels affect our quality of life, relationships and general health and wellbeing, as well as workplace morale and productivity. This psychological self-care course helps you actively develop emotional buoyancy.

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Course | Engaging with Empathy

Delivery: eLearning | Duration: Self-paced | Number of modules: 4

Engaging with empathy is an ethos.

Within this course we help you to, through curiosity and compassion, understand other’s experience. You will work to identify your own bias and how this affects your interactions with others.

Designed for anyone who wants to increase their understanding and practical application of empathy at work, home and in life.

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Is our workplace mental health eLearning courses are the right solution for you?

Here are some answers to the questions we are often asked about our eLearning programs.

Workplace mental health is a serious topic but the majority of feedback we get after the eLearning course is that our approach makes the content relatable and applicable to better workplace mental health.

Our eLearning courses have been designed to be flexible to help you overcome the barriers of face to face training and enhance learning outcomes.

We understand it can be challenging to coordinate busy leaders to attend a full day of face to face training. However, given the obligations organisations have around creating psychosocial safety in the workplace, this training is essential for leaders to access.

The feedback we get from eLearning course participants is that the flexibility of completing the course in their own time is a key benefit, and that the application of the learning through the assessments helps them to contextualise the content for their role and to identify how they can implement the learnings straight away.

Our Workplace Mental Health eLearning courses are:

We enable your leaders to progress in their own time at their own pace. eLearning courses include bonus modules and content, (not included in our current 1-day in-person course), so through eLearning course you can access more content, with less time commitment.


The course includes demonstration videos to help leaders identify how they can put the skills learnt into practice. The eLearning course is available to participants for 12 months after purchase to enable them to come back and review the content and resources as issues arise.


The course can include qualitative assessments, where the leader is prompted to apply the knowledge and skills learnt into their own work context.

If included, we mark assessments and provide feedback on any errors or gaps, offering additional resources and reminders if needed. Once your group has completed the eLearning course, we offer a 1-hour group video conferencing session with our Director Tasha Broomhall.

Tasha customises this session based on the assessments your leaders have submitted and contextualises what they have learnt in the course for their roles, filling gaps in their knowledge and answering any questions about how to apply their knowledge.

I was sceptical undertaking a mental health course online but was actually surprised about how valuable this was. There were some great approaches to conversations and case examples.

M.Robertson, Operations Manager

There is no official workplace mental health certification, however you will receive a certificate of completion and a stack of tools and resources to help you fulfil your role in the workplace.

You can login to the eLearning course and complete assessments from any device. You can watch the videos from your donga at night or sitting in the car waiting for your little one’s soccer training to finish!

You can find out what is necessary for your system to have, and which browsers are supported here.

Each eLearning course is designed so that each module takes approximately 1 hour.  The modules can take longer if you spend more time reflecting, discussing and completing assessments.

The courses are self-paced so you can work though it in an afternoon or complete it gradually when you have time, which ever suits your style of learning and time available.

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Equip your leaders and employees with the insights, tools and strategies they need to recognise and address mental health issues proactively.

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