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In-Person Training

Workplace mental health training. Forget top-down.
Think inside-out for a resilient, productive workforce.

Choose or customise a Blooming Minds workplace mental health training program that lifts wellbeing, performance and productivity, while lowering psychosocial injury risk and losses.

Custom workplace mental health courses and mixed-mode training programs.

Nobody can create a culture of sustainable mental health, wellbeing and productivity alone. And so, our training courses are designed – and customised – to break down the stigma of mental health issues and equip your leaders, teams and employees to build a culture of psychological health and safety.

More than corporate training, we deliver behavioural change.

Our approach is based on ‘behavioural integration’. This means we work with you to build awareness and skills, with customised tools and online resources that integrate new ways of thinking about and dealing with mental health in your employees’ minds and your organisation’s systems.

Ready-to-go workplace mental health training. Ready to be customised for you.

Workplace Mental Health for Leaders.

Ideal for leaders at all levels, this one or two-day course cuts through the noise about workplace mental health. Through open discussion and guided activities, we give leaders the skills and tools they need to recognise and address mental health issues – including suicide risk – without compromising privacy and confidentiality.

Workplace Mental Health for Leaders 2.0.

Designed for leaders who have a sound grasp of workplace mental health issues, this one-day course will help frontline managers and execs build a positive workplace mental health culture and, in turn, optimise employee performance and business outcomes.

Leading Positively Through Change.

Change is important for any successful business. But when leaders focus on the WHAT and WHEN of change, instead of people (the WHO), employees can become stressed, resistant and an impediment to change, instead of a positive driving force. This half-day course gives leaders the psychological insights and strategies to make change a positive, values-based experience that enables your people and organisation to bloom.

Building Buoyancy: Coping with Stress and Change.

Rising stress and anxiety levels can easily escalate and affect workplace morale and productivity. This course helps employees develop emotional buoyancy and resilience by increasing their capacity to deal with stress and change. We explore strategies and techniques to manage stressful situations, stay calm under pressure and bounce back from stress and adversity, both at work and in our personal lives.

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