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Mental Health Champions Program

Develop a positive mental health culture where all of your people can thrive

Workplace mental health issues lead to some of the most costly workers compensation claims and productivity losses for businesses. Let’s turn that around, from the inside out.

How does Blooming Minds Mental Health Champions work?

The Champions program is tailored to suit your organisation and workforce. We help you develop a systemic approach to mental health and wellbeing that covers

  • Prevention – identifying and eliminating or managing psychosocial hazards
  • Early Response – appropriately recognising and responding to early stages of possible mental health issues
  • Crisis Response – appropriately recognising and responding to mental health crises
  • Promotion – designing and managing work to enable all employees to thrive

We give your workplace Champions the skills, knowledge, ongoing support and resources they need to:

  • Recognise, address and manage mental health issues in the workplace
  • Deliver workplace mental health awareness sessions
  • Champion and promote psychological health and safety best practice
  • Nurture a workplace health and wellbeing culture that everyone owns

Our Champions program creates a sustainable, evolving workplace health and safety culture everyone owns and protects.

How will the Mental Health Champions program help your organisation?

When you create a culture that prioritises your employees’ mental health and wellbeing, you minimise psychosocial injury risks, maximise business productivity and innovation and help all of your employees to thrive.

  • Fulfil your organisation’s psychosocial safety obligations
  • Establish mental health and wellbeing as a strategic priority at all levels
  • Minimise psychosocial risk and minimise mental health costs on your balance sheet
  • Become an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the best talent
  • Unlock the latent potential, performance and productivity in your workforce

One in two people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime. This can have significant impacts in the workplace.

Mental health related workers compensation claims are some of the most expensive and time consuming and often could have been avoided (or minimised) if the relevant information and skills existed within the workplace).

Our courses do not make your employees mental health experts, rather we give them the necessary skills, debunk stigma and help them build a positive culture in which everyone can thrive with the confidence to address any issues that may arise.

Mental health and wellbeing is a serious topic but the number one piece of feedback we get from participants after courses is that our approach makes the content relatable. We give plenty of examples and stories to help your employees understand their role towards workplace mental health and wellbeing, without going beyond the boundaries of the workplace.

It is a whole of organisational cultural development program. During this program (relevant) key employees will be trained in Mental Health First Aid, so you will have these skills within your organisation, but the Champions program builds appropriate mental health knowledge and skills beyond a few trained MHFAiders.

Champions creates a culture where positive mental health and wellbeing is fostered to not only meet your obligations as an employer, but to help your people thrive. Through Champions, positive mental wellbeing becomes just how you do things around here.

Through Blooming Minds Mental Health Champions™ we help you to identify and address your obligations across the organisation and equip the workforce with the skills to meet obligations around mental health and to enhance positive mental wellbeing. This helps it become part of your culture, and not simply an initiative owned by your safety or people and culture teams.

The Blooming Minds Mental Health Champions™ program is designed as a yearlong initiative which includes initial identification of risks, assessment of your needs and then development and delivery of a customised program to meet these needs. The program is designed to be implemented as a targeted focus for 2 – 3 years, by which time it will be embedded in your culture and self-sustaining.

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