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Photo of employee completing mental health training

Psychological Health & Safety Tool

Employers have a responsibility to manage workplace health and safety while planning and implementing responses to the Covid 19 pandemic. This includes both physical and mental health. Leaders have an important role
to play in workplace psychological safety and yet, may not know how to identify and manage psychological safety risks.

meditation with julie meek


Written by Julie Meek. I have tried a handful of times over the past twenty years to embark upon meditation. I have tried introductory courses several times and each time […]

women helping women online with the HerHelp app

Women Helping Women Online

People who experience low self-esteem and poor views of their body image can become obsessed with altering how they look, posing a risk for unhealthy behaviours regarding eating and exercising […]

sophie budd mystery box challenge

A Mystery For The Taste Budds

An Interview With Sophie Budd Sophie Budd is the chef and owner of Taste Budds Cooking Studio. She is passionate about teaching people to cook and feeding people! Her resume […]

tess and locket blossom friendship

Blossom Friendship

An Interview With Tess And Locket Of Blossom Friendship Tasha interviewed Tess and Locket of Blossom Friendship who met while studying law at Murdoch University. Tess currently works at the […]

julie meek, author of article about iron deficiency

Pumping Iron

Written by Julie Meek. When I think of iron, I think of Popeye. The image that comes to mind is Popeye clutching his can of spinach and gulping it down […]

boy learning the value of books

The Value Of Books

Written by Kelly Ho and Janet Stevens For some of us, we love nothing more than curling up with a good book, getting lost in stories; the characters’ lives, personalities […]

Tania Cecconi from CEOs for Gender Equity

CEOs For Gender Equity

An Interview With Tania Cecconi From CEOs For Gender Equity Tania Cecconi is the Chief Executive Officer of CEOs for Gender Equity. The Western Australian organisation was convened in 2012 […]

self leadership through change

Self-Leadership Through Change

Change can elicit different reactions in different people. How do you respond to change? Do you embrace it enthusiastically, shy away from it, or reject it outright? Change can be […]

empathetic leader

Are You An Empathetic Leader?

The Prime Minister has received considerable criticism of late for his reliance on the counsel of his wife, Jenny, to help him empathise with the experience of women. The criticism […]

Lisa Annese from Diversity Council Australia

Lisa Annese

An Interview With Lisa Annese From The Diversity Council Australia To understand more about diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces, Blooming Minds’ Director Tasha Broomhall recently spoke with Lisa Annese […]

group of magazine

Blooming Minds eMagazine Issue 16

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. Maya Angelou African American Author & Poet In this issue: There’s so much more […]

Photo of a cosy indoor scene

Tips to Bloom in Winter

As the days grow colder, we often curl up and hibernate inside warm buildings. In fact, trends in Google searches relating to mental health were found to be similar to […]

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