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The Blooming Minds Team

Our team have a wealth of academic knowledge and frontline experience. This informs our transformative workplace mental health courses and programs.

Meet the team

Tasha Broomhall MSc (Psych)

Tasha Broomhall helps organisations to build positive mental health cultures to get the best out of their people and to meet their business objectives. Drawing on her background in psychology, disability, psychiatric vocational rehabilitation and business, Tasha destigmatises and demystifies the complex issue of workplace mental health in a respectful and relatable yet humorous way. She has delivered mental health and wellbeing programs throughout Australia since 2005 and her work has been recognised at the ICCWA Suicide Prevention Awards and the LiFE Awards for Excellence in Suicide Prevention.

Tasha holds a Master of Science (Psychology) and is undertaking a PhD in workplace psychological wellbeing. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Blooming Minds magazine and the author of three books and two journals promoting personal and organisational mental health.

Outside work, Tasha enjoys reading and writing fiction, playing with clay and exploring with her family.

In addition to general office administration and management, Anna coordinates the logistics for our training courses and events. Often the first point of contact at Blooming Minds, she plays a vital role in client liaison, building positive relationships and ensuring clients get the most out of our programs.

If you have any queries about how we can support your organisation, please contact Anna for an informal chat.

Naomi is committed to creating thriving, efficient workforces by enabling leaders to inspire collaboration, innovation and individual empowerment. And as co-facilitator of the Blooming Minds Mental Health Champions™ program, she does just that.

Much of Naomi’s career has focused on creating positive change. She has extensive experience in strategic learning and development, public service executive development, project management, stakeholder engagement and turning strategic objectives into an operational reality.

Outside work, Naomi studies philosophy at the University of Melbourne, plays the cello and spends time enjoying the great outdoors.

Craig is the creative brains behind the eMagazine and our books. He is an artist, a photoshop whizz, and wonderful at layouts.

From reviewing the latest research and literature to designing and analysing our research programs and data, Barry uses his academic skills to create invaluable analytical snapshots and insights that inform the ongoing development of our programs.

Barry completed a Bachelor of Science with a combined major in neuroscience, psychology and philosophy, and is currently undertaking a master’s level exploration of the epistemology of psychological research.

Kelly initially joined us an intern. Today, she’s a highly valued member of our team, working primarily on our e-magazine.

Having completed her studies at the University of Western Australia, Kelly is now entering her post-grad career in psychology. She is a committed advocate of positive mental wellbeing and is always eager to learn more about people and their psychological health.

Janet is the deputy editor of the Blooming Minds’ e-magazine, reviewing articles prior to publication and assiduously checking for errant commas, erroneous punctuation and creative auto-corrections. With multiple degrees and a love of language, she has a wealth of knowledge and an eye for detail that we all rely on.

When not consulting the Oxford English Dictionary for the correct spelling of ‘focuses’, Janet can be found watching the snooker, sailing on the Swan or tending to her pot plants

Matilda provides a range of administrative support to our team, collating client feedback, monitoring post-course correspondence and preparing participant packs for our various programs.

Outside work, Matilda enjoys reading and writing (she’s a big fan of Shakespeare), as well as indulging in her other key interest – acting.

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