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Keynote Speaking | Tasha Broomhall

Think. Laugh. Be inspired.

Sit back and let renowned mental health specialist and keynote speaker Tasha Broomhall educate, entertain and inspire you and your delegates to bloom. At work. In life.

About Tasha Broomhall MSc (Psych)

As the founder and managing director of Blooming Minds, Tasha Broomhall has been providing mental health and wellbeing programs and psychological injury risk consultancy for businesses and their employees globally since 2005.

Tasha Broomhall helps organisations and communities build positive psychological health and wellbeing and genuine inclusion. She holds a Masters of Science (Psychology) and is undertaking a PhD in Psychosocial risk, intersectional inclusion and institutional silence.

Tasha is a regular on ABC radio and her work has been recognised with the ICCWA Suicide Prevention Award, as a finalist in the LiFE Awards for Excellence in Suicide Prevention, twice as a finalist in the Mental Health Week Media Awards. She has been providing mental health and wellbeing programs throughout Australia for 20 years and is the founder and Editor in Chief of Blooming Minds magazine and the author of three books and two journals [shop].

Duration: 1 hour or customisable for your event.

How do you create psychologically safe workplaces while under pressure to ‘do more with less’? How do you maintain a vibrant, safe and increasingly productive workforce when the drive to improve productivity results in rising stress and conflict?

In this session, Tasha will present the latest research on psychological injury risk, appropriate controls and strategies that your leaders and workforce can use to:

  • Understand the psychological injury risks that institutional silence create in your organisation
  • Create psychologically safe and healthy workplaces
  • Prevent, identify and respond to workplace mental health issues
  • Avoid costly psychological-injury workers compensation claims
  • Avoid the complex investigations and loss of work time associated with claims

Duration: 1 hour or customisable for your event.

Almost half of all adults will experience mental health issues in their lifetime. This can have far-reaching consequences and costs for employers. Despite the high impact of mental health issues in the workplace, many leaders don’t know how to recognise or appropriately support an employee who is developing mental health problems.

In this session, Tasha outlines the five steps organisations and leaders need to take to:

  • Fulfil your organisation’s psychological safety obligations
  • Develop an actionable workplace mental health strategy
  • Reduce the stigma around mental health issues
  • Recognise and respond to workplace mental health issues
  • Start a conversation with someone you’re concerned about

Duration: 1 hour or customisable for your event.
Over the last 20 years, awareness programs have improved our collective mental health literacy. Many people now understand that mental health is an integral part of health. And yet, our mental health in the workplace hasn’t improved. In fact, in some respects it’s getting worse.

In this interactive, energising session, Tasha outlines the five steps we can all take to:

  • Improve our understanding of mental health and wellbeing
  • Enhance our responsiveness to mental health concerns
  • Adopt a proactive approach to our mental wellbeing

Duration: 1 hour or customisable for your event.
Change is inevitable for any successful organisation, but when it feels like it’s never-ending or negative, people can become resistant and disruptive. This is often because leaders focus on the WHAT and WHEN of change, forgetting about the WHO – it’s your people that make or break the change process.

This session is particularly relevant to leaders in business but can be adapted to suit all levels of employees. Tasha will draw on neuroscience to help your people:

  • Understand the process, impacts and psychology of change
  • Refocus on the WHO of change, rather than just the WHAT and WHEN
  • Develop strategies that enable individuals and teams to bloom during change

You choose the topic and talk.
Tasha will customise it to suit you.

No two organisations, teams or employees are the same. This is the starting point for everything Tasha does at Blooming Minds. So, while Tasha has a portfolio of keynote speeches, she’ll tailor your talk to suit your event, delegates and the strategic challenges facing your business or industry.

What’s more, your team and delegates can also access a host of supporting resources:

  • Downloadable articles, meditations and recorded sessions.
  • Hard copies of Tasha’s books and journals (available for event co-branding).
  • Individual brainstorming seminars with key delegates.
  • Discrete leaders’ sessions to assist with real-world implementation.

Hire Tasha to inspire your next event audience.

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