Engaging with Empathy & Compassion | eLearning Course

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Empathy Training

Engaging with empathy and compassion is an ethos. It is essential in our professional and personal lives to understand the perspectives and diverse experiences of other people. When we actively practise genuine empathy, our relationships and workplaces benefit with improved communication, and everyone feels more supported and understood.

I will use the information in this course to develop myself as a person … to have the right character for my role and to grow as a person. It will help me overcome obstacles and barriers and help me to communicate effectively. It makes you aware of your work environment and makes you aware that each member is unique. It makes you more sensitive to how others feel.
Andrew, Customer Service

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Empathy Training

Engaging with Empathy & Compassion | eLearning Course

Designed for all employees and individuals wanting to develop the knowledge and skills to understand themselves, their relationships with other people, and how to engage with empathy and compassion without imposing judgment or bias.

Offers cost effective empathy training with most participants completing the course in approximately 8 hours. The equivalent in-person session would equate to 2 days.

You will learn:

  • Gain an understanding of the key elements of empathy and compassion and the relevance of this in your life
  • Understand the risks to other people when there is a lack of empathy or compassion for their circumstances
  • Learn how to build and maintain empathy and compassion in your workplace and life without being judgmental or imposing your own bias
  • Gain an understanding of the experiences of other people to appreciate their perspectives and meet their needs
  • Learn how to engage with empathy and compassion to gain a mutually beneficial outcome
  • Learn how to establish and maintain clear boundaries while engaging with empathy and compassion, so your own mental health is not compromised

What’s included:

  • 4 self-paced, eLearning modules with each including:
    • An audio-visual lesson
    • Interactive learning activities and meditations
    • Support notes
  • Additional resources providing further information and support
  • Participants retain access for 12 months from course purchase date
  • Can be delivered via our Learning Management System – or can be imported into a client’s existing Learning Management System

Group Training Additional Inclusions:

  • Group training can be customised for your organisation and includes progress reports for each participant

Purchase this empathy training course via Thinkific using the link below (account registration required).

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