Healthy Minds, Flourishing Workplaces | eLearning Course

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We all have a role to play in creating a positive mental health culture, but there is often stigma around mental health in our workplaces. Develop an understanding of mental health conditions, challenge myths and negative stereotypes around them, and learn how to positively support your colleagues in a non-judgmental manner while nurturing your own mental health and wellbeing.

I would recommend this course. It has a good mix of media and interaction elements with an emphasis on the need for good mental wellbeing, and good coverage of different common disorders. After doing this course I will prioritise my own self-care and stress management, I will be more confident in having conversations with others if I think they are not OK, and I will listen loudly!
K. Cochrane, Specialist – Asset Management System and Risk

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Healthy Minds, Flourishing Workplaces | eLearning Course

Designed for all employees, and organisations in need of a customised resource to create a positive mental health culture in your workplace to support your people, so everyone can flourish, and your organisation can thrive.

Research studies have found ‘employees with a positive mood are 31% more productive, achieve 37% more sales, and experience 300% more creativity.’ [Shawn Achor]

The Healthy Minds, Flourishing Workplaces course offers cost-effective training with most participants completing the course in approximately 1–1.5 hours. The equivalent in-person session would be half a day.

You will learn:

  • Gain knowledge about management and employee responsibilities for workplace mental health, and the importance of maintaining privacy and confidentiality
  • Develop an understanding of common mental health issues including the signs, symptoms and the possible functional impacts and risks
  • Learn about some of the misconceptions, myths, and stereotypes around mental health
  • Discover how mental health issues might affect you, a colleague or family member
  • Develop the skills to proactively support your own mental health and wellbeing
  • Learn how to recognise the signs that someone is possibly experiencing mental health challenges and how to support them in a non-judgmental and positive way
  • Discover which support services are available, both within your organisation and in the community

What’s included:

  • 3 self-paced, eLearning modules with each including:
    • An audio-visual lesson
    • Interactive activities to consolidate your learning
    • A built-in quiz with immediate feedback
  • Additional resources providing further information and support including videos, meditations, and the 5 Strategies and Daily Habit Tracker
  • Participants retain access for 12 months from course purchase date
  • Can be delivered via our Learning Management System – or can be imported into a client’s existing Learning Management System

Group Training Additional Inclusions:

  • Group training can be customised for your organisation

Purchase the Healthy Minds, Flourishing Workplaces elearning course via Thinkific using the link below (account registration required).

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