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Mental health and wellbeing resources

A collection of additional resources to help you to better understand and support mental health and wellbeing.

Resources for Schools and Parents

Download the Habits Tracker

It can be tempting to hurl ourselves through life, one commitment after another: ignoring self-care. You may have heard people cry: ‘I don’t have time for self-care!’ It can feel like an extra chore to fit into an already bulging schedule.

Instead, reframe & internalise self-care as the basis for how you live. Use these ideas to help you habitualise self-care. Tick each activity once completed & track what you naturally do, & work to increase the areas you wish to improve. Download the PDF below.


Eight short meditations for you to practice with. Click the three dots to download them.

A short 2:40s Meditation
Meditation: Three Breaths
Meditation: Liquid
Meditation: Tree Root
Meditation: BodyScan
Meditation: Extended Breath
Meditation: Driving Awake
Meditation: Mindful Makeup

eLearning Courses – Mental Health & Wellbeing

Explore more mental health and wellbeing resources

Head to Health

An Australian Government initiative to help you find digital mental health resources from trusted service providers. The Health to Health website has over 500 digital resources to support your wellbeing and mental health.

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