A Year to Bloom – 52 Week Journal

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This guided 52 week journal is designed to lead you through activities and reflections to promote positive emotional wellbeing.

eJournal: will give you practical ideas and guidance to enhance your wellbeing. Each week a new journal activity will arrive in your inbox and will encourage you to continue actively enhancing your mental wellbeing over the next 52 weeks.

Hardcopy: The A5 sized journal opens flat to enable easy writing. The journal is not dated – so you can start using it today!

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52 Week Journal

A Year to Bloom

Firstly, this guided 52 week journal will encourage you to enjoy at least 4 intentionally positive and nurturing things each week! That means only doing something nice for yourself every second day. This is more than most of us do each week (and you probably do something intentionally positive for someone else every day!). So, take the challenge and commit to engaging in 4 intentionally positive and nourishing things for yourself every week.

Secondly, consider the weekly theme and where the ideas may fit into your life. Each week’s theme provides ideas, questions or tasks designed to focus your attention on different areas of your life, your influence on others and your wellbeing. Commit to completing each week’s tasks and detailing your journey on these pages.


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