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Blooming Minds eMagazine / Issue 12

Over the last few years I have been researching positive mental wellbeing during study for a Master of Psychology, and now a PhD. I have been reassured that there are […]

Workplaces eMag

In this May 2018 edition of our eMagazine we focus on workplaces. In this edition we focus on the common issue we are seeing with many workplaces, and our community […]

Helping the helpers eMag

In this edition of the Blooming Minds eMag we focus on helping the helpers. As our workplaces increase attention on mental health and wellbeing, it’s critical that we focus on […]

Workplace Programs for Mental Health eMag

This edition of the Blooming Minds eMag focuses on transformational workplace programs. Transformational programs require a shift in thinking about training. It’s a move away from training that ticks boxes […]

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