Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Campaign

The Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Campaign is a multi-modal package designed to assist your employees to proactively enhance their own mental health and wellbeing.  The resources engage employees and equip them to deal with change, manage stress and build their own mental buoyancy.

Delivered across 12 months, this fully-featured information and awareness campaign includes insightful articles for your newsletter, high-quality posters and engaging digital content for your intranet to ensure your entire workforce is reached.

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Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Campaign

Pack includes:

  • 10 x A3 and 10 x A4 posters to deliver five unique campaigns (customised with your EAP details).
  • 7 x recorded meditations for your intranet
  • 5 x copies of each of our books and journals for your library
  • 12 x articles for your newsletter and intranet. Topics include an overview of mental health and wellbeing; a guide to conversations about mental health issues; workplace strategies to respond to mental health issues; tips for improving mental health and wellbeing; tips for improving sleep, adapting to change and many more useful areas

Develop your organisation’s mental health culture through a targeted campaign that develops awareness and skills to recognise and respond to mental health issues in the workplace.

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