Mental Health Awareness Analysis for Organisations

A customised audit of your organisation that will identify potential psychological injury risks, assess your capacity to recognise and respond to mental health issues in your workplace, and measure awareness of mental health across your organisation.

(This product is not a clinical assessment of individuals mental health needs).

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The Mental Health Awareness Analysis for Organisations audit includes:

  • a desktop review of your current workplace policies and procedures regarding employee mental health and wellbeing,
  • an online survey to assess and measure;
  • your managers and supervisors levels of mental health awareness;
  • the skills and confidence to support your employees with possible mental health issues;
  • your capacity to meet your obligations to employees.
  • identification of potential psychological injury risks within your organisation,
  • a comprehensive report analysing your workplace psychological wellbeing culture; identifying areas in which you are doing well and areas which need controls.
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