Psychological Health, Safety & Wellbeing Tool

Employers have a responsibility to manage workplace health and safety while planning and implementing responses, including to the Covid 19 pandemic. This includes both physical and mental health. Leaders have an important role to play in workplace psychosocial safety and yet, may not know how to identify and manage psychosocial safety risks.

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Identify and Manage Possible Psychosocial Injury Risks For Your Workplace

Psychological Health, Safety and Wellbeing Tool

Creating a culture of psychological health and safety requires organisations to:

  • Identify possible psychosocial safety risks.
  • Assess the likelihood of those risks.
  • Identify and implement appropriate controls.

Psychosocial injuries can have significant impacts on the wellbeing of your workforce and are some of the most expensive and  time-consuming workplace injuries.

The Psychosocial Health, Safety and Wellbeing Tool is customised for your organisation & includes:

  • A GUIDE for workplaces on WHAT and HOW to communicate psychological health and safety responsibilities to all leaders
  • A CHECKLIST for leaders to complete psychological health and safety checks with their teams
  • An ELECTRONIC RESOURCE PACK of: 6 VIDEOS for leaders and employees to support psychosocial wellbeing, a GUIDE to Working with Remote Teams, and a RESOURCE LIST of recommended supports
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