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5 Ways To Make Working From Home More Successful

By Anna

As more organisations are encouraging or mandating employees to work remotely, there will be some adjustment needed for those who aren’t used to it. Simple tips to help your team work remotely and stay connected.

  1. Communicate what each person’s work hours will be (some will work their usual work hours, some may work adjusted hours. Its important to communicate what these will be to enhance communication and manage expectations).
  2. If you’re still working regular hours, get up and do your usual morning routine to maintain structure to your day. Ensure you still dress for work if you are likely to do any video meetings with colleagues or clients.
  3. Stay connected with your team. Have an agreed check in time (e.g. at the beginning or end of the day) and consider setting up a private chat group (if your intranet doesn’t already have this capacity you can use a private group on LinkedIn to maintain group connection and communication).
  4. Have live work sessions using technology to video conference so those employees who feel isolated working from home can still be connected. Get some tech support for those employees who are not confident with using such tech to connect.
  5. Maintain movement and time in nature. Set an alarm to get up from your desk every hour for at least 5 minutes of movement. And still stop for lunch if you’re working for a full day. Try to get outside and have your lunch in nature if you can.
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