Workplace Mental Health for Leaders | eLearning Course + Consultation

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Consultation available with Workplace Mental Health for Leaders with assessments ($950)

Mental Health Leadership Training

Mental health issues lead to an average of 10-12 days of absence from work for each affected person per year1. The estimated economic loss due to the effects of mental ill-health is up to $39 billion1. With 1 in 5 people experiencing mental illness each year2, what is this costing your business? To minimise these impacts and to meet your legal obligations around psychosocial safety, it is essential leaders develop the skills to support their employees’ mental health while balancing the needs of the business.

The 1-to-1 consultation helps contextualise the course content to your role, and provides you with an opportunity to ask questions of the course facilitator.

This online course provides essential training for all managers, supervisors, and other organisational leaders. This course debunks common myths about mental illness and equips people with the skills to appropriately respond in the workplace. Do yourself a favour and put your staff through it today.
G. Downie MBA, Psychologist

1 Based on Productivity Commission data, Mental Health, Inquiry Report, No. 95. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 Australia
2 Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data, 2007. Licensed under CC BY 4.0 International

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Mental Health Leadership Training

Workplace Mental Health for Leaders | eLearning Course + Consultation

Designed for all Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Human Resources and Safety Personnel to develop the skills and strategies to identify and address mental health issues and risks in the workplace, while building a culture of psychosocial safety and wellbeing for employees.

By focussing on these key areas, your organisation will benefit with a more engaged workforce, improved employee retention and productivity in an environment where both your people and business can thrive.

The Course offers cost effective training with most participants completing the course in approximately 4–6 hours. The equivalent in-person training would equate to 2 days.

You will learn:

In this 4-module, self-paced eLearning course*, Leaders will:

  • Develop an understanding of common mental health issues and their possible functional impacts
  • Learn how to recognise the symptoms and respond to mental health issues, psychosocial risks, and mental health crises in the workplace
  • Acquire the skills to fulfil your workplace responsibilities on mental health
  • Develop strategies and learn how to approach and discuss mental health and performance concerns with employees
  • Gain an understanding of workplace privacy and confidentiality obligations
  • Learn about the resources available to support your employees when responding to mental health issues
  • Design reasonable workplace adjustments for employees with mental health conditions
  • Gain insight into the principles of psychosocial safety to build strong performing teams
  • Learn how to recognise and implement controls for potential psychosocial injury risks in the workplace
  • Learn how to develop a framework to build a positive, values-based culture of psychosocial safety and wellbeing for your workplace

What’s included:

  • 4 self-paced, eLearning modules* with each consisting of:
    • An audio-visual lesson and demonstration videos
    • Interactive learning activities and strategies you can incorporate into your workplace
    • Support notes
  • Additional resources providing further information and support
  • Participants retain access for 12 months from course purchase date
  • Consultation: with Tasha Broomhall, Director, Blooming Minds
  • Bonus: Bloom at Work eBook
  • *Bonus Module: Leading Positively through Change

*Bonus Module – Leading Positively Through Change

Managing change effectively is vital for the ongoing success of any business. But when leaders focus on the WHAT and WHEN of change, instead of their people (the WHO), employees can become stressed, resistant and an impediment to the process. In this course, you will develop the psychological insights and learn strategies to make change a positive experience that empowers your people and organisation to bloom.

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Consultation with Tasha Broomhall, Director of Blooming Minds

1-to-1 consultation with Tasha Broomhall, Director of Blooming Minds, to contextualise learning from Workplace Mental health for Leaders eLearning course.

We recommend that you complete the Workplace Mental Health for Leaders eLearning course within one month of starting to ensure that the information is thoroughly comprehended as the lessons build on one another. The course is considered complete when you have submitted all 4 assessments.

Once the course is complete, please contact Anna Eames, Client Liaison at to book your consultation. We will book this to be held within a month of you completing the course.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. If your consultation is canceled by Blooming Minds we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible, and will reschedule as close as possible to the original date.
  2. If you need to cancel your consultation, please give us as much notice as possible and we will reschedule to a date as close as possible to the original.
  3. Please note, the consultation can only be rescheduled once.

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