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Tasha knows the tools and the techniques, the frameworks and the contemporary thinking about creating a positive mental health mindset, either as an individual or for your workplace.
Dominique Mecoy - CEO, Leadership WA
~ Dominique Mecoy, CEO Leadership WA

How we work with Leadership WA

Dominique Mecoy is the CEO of Leadership WA, who through immersive programs instil the courage, skills and tenacity in leaders to make an impact and create stronger communities in Western Australia and beyond.

Blooming Minds works with Leadership WA to deliver sessions throughout the year with their program participants who are all established and emerging leaders across all sectors in Western Australia. We assist these leaders to understand and meet their responsibilities around psychological health and safety and to create mentally healthy workplaces.

We equip the leaders with the tools, techniques, frameworks, and skills to confidently manage their WHS obligations around psychosocial safety, while looking after their own mental health and wellbeing.

One of the things that we really enjoy about working with Tasha and Blooming Minds is Tasha has this unique ability to really understand – who’s in the room and what their needs are.

At Leadership WA we are dealing with everyone from high performing executives across not-for-profit, private sector and public sector to emerging leaders, to people just starting in their leadership journey.

And while we are providing them general tools around leadership, we know that for anyone to succeed; having strong mental health supports, understanding of what’s important to them is an actually absolutely critical part of their toolkit.

And we’ve seen over many, many years that Tasha and the team are just brilliant at coming in and engaging those leaders in very, very honest conversations.

And that’s why we keep using Tasha and the team – each time.

What Tasha brings is a wonderful blend of; she knows the tools and the techniques and the frameworks and what’s the contemporary thinking about creating a positive mental health mindset, either as an individual or in and for your workplace.

So she’s got all the tools and the frameworks, but she also brings, uh, a very clever and insightful style to what she does.

She reads the room, she reads the individual, and she’ll, she’ll get a bit of a sense of what’s actually happening.

And I have seen her guide and shape and reform her delivery (still gets the same outcomes), but ensures that every single person in that room walks away feeling that they have learned something and they are, that they are empowered.

It’s a particular skill and Tasha executes it brilliantly.

One of the things that we see at Leadership WA are leaders at all points in their career and stages and moments, and I think something that we’ve all learnt over the last few years is the increasing sense of obligation, and responsibility that managers and leaders at any point have, and that is about creating a psychologically safe and secure working environment for everyone.

Sometimes the responsibility of doing that can create fear because we are not sure, am I doing the right thing? What should I do? What Blooming Minds does very, very well is equip us with tools, techniques, frameworks, tips that we can use to then move forward a little bit more confidently in managing not only our obligations to ourselves, but also to our teams.

I’ve got absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tasha and Blooming Minds to any organisation. And the reason why is, I know, that she will take the time with you to really understand what is important to you and your organisation and your team, and how you can work together, and how you can create a safe, positive, nurturing, working environment. Getting people to understand not

only what’s important to their own mental health, but for the mental health around people around them. If you start with the individual and then the team, and then the organisation, you’ll end up creating a very high performing business, and achieving of your objectives. But you can’t do it without that sense of safety and security.

And I think one of the things that Tasha and her team are, excellent at doing is understanding that and designing and delivering a program that meets your needs.

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