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Mental Health First Aid by Grandparents

Written by Josephine Allison for Have a Go News

With one in five Australians experiencing mental illness each year, it’s vital for grandparents to help detect mental health issues in their grandchildren.

Leading WA mental health expert Tasha Broomhall has provided mental health and well-being training programs in WA for more than 10 years, including guest lecturing at Murdoch and Curtin Universities and giving presentations at local and national industry conferences.

Ms Broomhall urges grandparents to consider undertaking mental health first aid training, saying they are well placed to help spot early signs of mental health problems in their grandchildren.

“In Australia, half of all people who experience a mental illness have their first episode by age 18.  Being on the lookout for mental health problems throughout childhood and the teenage years is critical,” she said.

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