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Have you heard the cry yet?

By Tasha Broomhall

“It CAN’T be halfway through February already!”

The New Year brings optimism for change and yet so many of us find that time slips away and, before we realise it, January 1 seems so far in the distance that we can’t connect with that optimism any longer. All too often we just get caught in the cycle of day to day living and don’t stay focussed on how we want to live.

Many people report they want more work/life balance, more time to exercise, more time with their families, more energy spent on their hobbies, to feel happier or to get out of a funk! Many of these goals are related to emotional wellbeing and this sometimes seems too elusive to attain. Simply wanting these things doesn’t make them happen! In fact, wanting them desperately and focussing on what you don’t have, can make you feel hopeless and less likely to make the changes you need to work towards these goals.

Don’t wait for next January – take responsibility for your emotional wellbeing and start to live consciously right now and for the rest of 2011.

To start with, imagine if this year you could enjoy at least 4 intentionally positive and nurturing things each week. That means only doing something nice for yourself every second day. This is more than most of us do each week (and you probably do something intentionally positive for someone else every day!).

So take the challenge and commit to engaging in 4 intentionally positive and nourishing things for yourself every week. Start today!
Keep a record each week (see our special offer below on our Wellbeing Journal which will help you with this process) and watch out for further strategies in upcoming newsletters.
May you have a brilliant year!

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